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We’re two photographers from Denmark’s mysterious Jutland peninsula. Always on the move, the latest migration has been to Copenhagen, Denmark – and it’s here that we established Photo Gallery Copenhagen.

We always aim to make our photographs better, more appealing and lifting the photography up to the highest standard.

About us

The beautiful photos you’ll find in the gallery are a compilation of years of travelling, a love for the great outdoors and a passion for photography that we want to share with you!

Our photographs are a direct result of years of experience, careful planning and our skills as photographers. Drop us an email if you plan to visit us in the gallery so we can make some fresh coffee.

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Digital Fabric Print - a natural feel

Our printed canvas is not the regular cheap "canvas print" but actually digital fabric prints which is a two different qualities. The different will be easy to see when you get the real deal.

The photo is printed using using a special technique keeping the finest details and making the digital print scratch resistant and without corner fractures.

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Alu DiBond - the exclusive choice

This is our most exclusive product, which provides an impressive depth and sharp expression. The original photograph is sealed in a back wall of aluminum having a core of polyethylene, of less than 3 mm thick clear acrylic.

The exclusive choice when you want to best quality you can get. Alu Dibond - the best from two to techniques.

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Photo Lamp - a new dimension

We use the same printing process as for digital textile printing to create our unique photo lamps. This ensures natural colours and a long life despite heat and light. The lamps are made in different sizes and assembled in minutes.

Photo Lamps are a great way to bring an extra dimension into the office, canteen or meeting room.

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We have set up a photo gallery in the tranquil south harbour of Copenhagen to showcase our photography.