Ærø is another Danish island with much to offer. Lots of amazing beaches, lovely people and places to eat – and the buses are free! Our trip offered the most enchanting summer weather and, usually, we stayed in our camper by the beautiful beaches. Ærø’s hallmark is its petite beach houses in Ærøskøbing and Marstal. And, naturally, they were photographed together with nature.

Ærø poster

We wanted to focus on the distinctive houses but also on the nature on Ærø. We captured beach houses in Ærøskøbing in the beautiful evening sun as well as the bathing huts on Erikshale, near Marstal. In addition, we have a poster from the Halen jetty and Marstal Beach, near Marstal Camping.

The last Ærø poster is from Voderup Cliff, where the shore consists of stones that have washed out of the 30 meter high cliff of Cyprina clay which appeared during the last interglacial period. The photograph is in the last light of the day after the sun has set way out on the horizon.

As always, we also met lots of nice people. It was especially nice at Herrens Mark, and the children made many good friends at the campsite in Ærøskøbing. We’ll definitely be back.

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