Maria Rosendal

Photographer Maria Rosendal need not look far for new subjects for his photography – she sees them everywhere – and she always has his camera with her. It doesn’t matter if the photo safari goes to the far north Atlantic islands or just outside the front door in Copenhagen.

“The whole world has changed for me after I started to photograph. I see motifs everywhere – lines, shapes, shadows and stories. I feel next naked without a camera and uses photography as a kind of meditation that helps me to be more in the moment, “she says.

Maria Rosendal’s approach to photography is rooted in a relentless fascination for nature, and her gaze is often directed at the places where man has left its imprint in it.

“I often see subjects in the track that we humans leave us; a small cabin in the woods, paths that meet, tracks in the sand, which you can read your own stories into. The great nature can be hugely overwhelming, and I try to collect some of the impressions in my photographs. This way I show that even the smallest detail offers its own beauty – as long as you focus on it. “

Maria Rosendal

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