Denmark Posters

Shores, fjords, cliffs and green forests

Let windswept beaches, quiet inlets, steep cliffs and green forests set the mood of your room. Foto Factory’s Denmark Series is a collection of photo posters from the Danish peripheral areas that focuses on nature, the unique cultural landscapes and the unique Nordic light and the colors that are just around us.

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Posters Denmark

Faroe Islands Posters

Untamed, undiscovered and infinitely beautiful

A collection of photo posters from the Faroe Islands to the portfolio of photo art. The landscape and the climate on the Faroe Islands is raw, untamed and to many also unknown. It is the special Faroese nature in all its drama and poetry that is central to the new Föroyar series.

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Posters Faroe Islands

Copenhagen Posters

Urban oases and green respite

The city is more than cafes and traffic. Inside, among the growing tangle of new buildings are small oases where you can get the feeling of being in the open, and where the green coincidence rules. It is here that we ourselves seek assistance when we need a break in the city and it is the theme that we work with in this collection.

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Posters Copenhagen

Black and White Posters

Nordic black and white – simple and calm

A series of black and white photographs as posters, focusing on the beauty of the simple matter. Foto Factory has been inspired by the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi, which is about appreciating the worn, imperfect and unique. The subjects are all from nature and the simple photos create tranquillity and time for immersion.

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Black and White Posters


Fairy Tale, Drama and Mountains

A collection of our most exclusive photographs from Scotland. The series offers rugged mountains and cliffs, beautiful forests and beaches with sand and turquoise water. The serie contains posters from the northern islands of Orkney and Shetland to the Outer Hebrides. There are photographs from Isle of Skye and the central Scottish Highlands.

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Posters Scotland
Foto Factory take beautiful natural images that are so beautiful and peaceful the universe stand still (translated). Malene Marie Møller

Photographic Posters

Posters from Foto Factory is a photograph printed on thick and environmentally friendly paper. The paper is acid-free and reproduces colors and tones in a genuine and natural way. Each poster comes with the stamp on the back with the front without disturbing text.

Poster photography

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