Retailer Advantages

We have fast delivery and simple ordering by mail or phone. You can also choose to order via the webshop. Most retailers order by mail. Stylists use a code that applies to our website.

A clear advantage with us is that you only order what you need. Ten or a hundred we are geared to handle both tasks.

We can supply prints, framed, in tubes with label or flat. All our products have EAN numbers for google shopping and inventory management.

If you need something completely specific, we have a large catalog we can choose from.



We make exclusive posters on special printing paper.



We make quality frames with real glass.



We are here for you, your needs and desires.



We make most delivers all orders within 5 days.

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If you want to be a retailer you are on the right page!

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Of course you can also send us an e-mail.

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