Danish photo art is a series of danish posters that take you on a journey into Denmarks natural and cultural landscape.

The Denmark series is Danish photo art with posters from Denmark. The series take you on a journey into the Danish natural and cultural landscape. It’s not all about beautiful sunsets or when the sun is baking from a blue sky. It’s about getting out there and experience nature and photograph when dark clouds and rain hit the coastline from west, or when the eastern wind sends cold snow and frost across the country, turning the landscape into a cold and desolate place. For example, it is about finding the soul at the beached boat where the fishermen risked the life to serve food in the olden days. We aim to find atmosphere in nature and dramatic landscapes.

Danish Photo Art

The posters must reflect nature naturally. It’s not about the camera, lenses and other equipment, but about seeing and feeling the nature we photograph. Our philosophy is that the simplest can be the most beautiful and strongest. We try to think like skilled painters who used the beautiful light to get the most subtle details and tones onto the canvas. How they used the landscape, lines and curves to create to create unique compositions. We will likewise find subtle light, lines, textures and details that make the photo exciting and interesting.

Danish Photo Art

Danish Photography

A painting can take a long time to complete, contrary taking a photograph of just a split second or seconds before it’s in the camera. But the final result is a process that often takes a long time before you can sit back and enjoy the finished result. It takes time to find the right location, angle and composition. Then you will wait for the “perfect” light before capturing the image. Next, you have to careful edit each photograph carefully to level contrasts and tones so the final image look exactly like the environment when the photo was taken.

Danish Photography

Just as we work with the camera and after-treatment we make the posters simple and honest. When the photo is transferred to the paper, it will have an additional layer that is determined by the tone and structure of the paper. We believe it helps to give the photograph a new dimension or personality with and high quality paper. We have chosen a paper that adds a somewhat nordic and rustic feeling, thus adding detail and life to the image. It is not enough that reproduces colours and tones in a real and durable way it must keep the colours for years to come.

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