Foto Factory has published four new nature posters from Danish natural woodland. We spend a lot of time in the forest and we have collected four photographs, all from Danish forests. There are two photographs from Rold Skov in Himmerland and two photographs from the Zealand forests.

The Nature Posters

Forest reserve poster

The photograph for the forest reserve poster show a tree with a thick ivy winding up from the trunk. In nature, plants and animals play together and this is clearly seen with the large ivy that depends on the tree to reach the light. The photo was taken in Allindelille Fredskov in September just before autumn sets in.

Natural Forest Poster

The photograph from Nordskoven in Jægerspris shows the atmosphere from the beautiful and large natural forest. The image is also available as photo art and contains many details. The natural forest creates calm on the wall and shows the varying forest that grows in an old bog area. In Nordskoven are Denmark’s oldest trees which are about 1000 years old oak trees. In the forest, one beautiful nature picture replaces the other. Most people visit the forest to find the old oak trees and of course we were also past them all.

Forest lake poster

Rold forest is for many something special and the popular forest is also very special. The hilly area provides good conditions for springs and lakes. One of these is Store Økssø which forms the stage for our forest lake poster. We visited the beautiful forest lake on a rainy day in May, where dark clouds cover the sky. The photograph for the nature poster shows a newly created bog area with the forest and the lake in the background.

The photo for the Rold Skov poster was taken one early morning in May. It is absolutely adventurous to list around in the woods so early in the day and hear the many birds singing and the wild animals that list around.

Rold Skov Poster

If you love the picture, you may need to take a closer look at the calendar from the Danish Society for Nature Conservation, which has used the picture for the month of May. As always, our nature posters are genuine prints on strong, acid-free paper with a matte surface. The posters reproduce the tones and nuances of nature in a real and natural way. The posters are lightfast and of course do not fade, even if they are exposed to sunlight. If you order poster frames together with the posters, we make sure that you receive the posters framed and ready to be placed on the wall.