Ben Nevis

Posters are printed on heavy, acid-free paper with a matte surface that reproduces all photographic tones and hues in a true and natural way. The posters are fade resistant, although they are exposed to sunlight.

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Scotland poster of Scotland's highest mountain, Ben Nevis. If you move to Scotland you will soon hear about Ben Nevis. It's the highest mountain in Scotland and people flock to reach the top. On nice summer days there are many who make the trip up the mountain. We are more intrigued to get a picture of the mountain, which is a little different than other photographs. After some research we found some new trails that led through the forest and scrub up to a small top with a fantastic view! A forest of trees in the foreground and Ben Nevis in the background with a low evening sun.

The photograph is part of the Scotland posters and is one of our most exclusive photographs from Scotland. The selected images show the nature and landscape as natural and detailed as possible. It’s important that the image appear on an authentic and natural way.

Photographer: Martin Bay


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