Hermaness National Park

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Scotland poster from Hermaness National Park in Scotland. In Shetland. Hermaness National Park, is known for the enormous variety of seabirds that nest. Here in this deserted place, so far north you are away from time and place. The scenery is as it has been for hundreds of years. In the national park there are puffins and gannets that shuttles between their nests and food camber at sea. On the rocks by the sea you can se seals basking and enjoying the calm weather. The coast is rugged green cliffs with rocks that beautifully rise from the cold and dark ocean.

The photograph is part of the Scotland posters and is one of our most exclusive photographs from Scotland. The selected images show the nature and landscape as natural and detailed as possible. It’s important that the image appear on an authentic and natural way.

Fotograf: Maria Rosendal


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