Neist Point poster
Neist Point poster

Neist Point

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Photographic print of Neist Point.

Posters are printed on heavy, acid-free paper with a matte surface that reproduces all photographic tones and hues in a true and natural way. The posters are fade resistant, although they are exposed to sunlight.
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Scotland Print

Photograph print of the lighthouse at Neist Point, Scotland. The lighthouse at Neist Point has one of the most dramatic locations on the Isle of Skye. The coast around the lighthouse fall vertically into the sea. Storm have raged here year after year and only birds can live on the cliffs therefore the slopes are home to many sea birds that nests and seek the sea when hungry. The lighthouse is so inaccessible that there were built a cable car used to transport food and other things from the road to the tower.

The photographic print is part of the Scotland series and is one of our most exclusive photographs from Scotland. The selected images show the nature and landscape as natural and detailed as possible. It’s important that the image appear on an authentic and natural way.

Photographer: Martin Bay



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