Outer Hebrides

Posters are printed on heavy, acid-free paper with a matte surface that reproduces all photographic tones and hues in a true and natural way. The posters are fade resistant, although they are exposed to sunlight.

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Outer Hebrides poster with photograph of the dramatic Mangersta stacks in Scotland. The sun has set and there is a beautiful blue light in the transition between day and night. The light on the Outer Hebrides give a unique feel and atmosphere. Mangers is far from civilisation are only dimly light from a single house in the night. The road is narrow and ends soon blind at a beautiful beach, a quiet place visited by very few each year.

Out here, time stands still - only nature, waves and clouds is in operation. Residents of a small community had to leave the place many years ago here it is mainly too harsh. Here is one thing - lots of beautiful rocky coastline and plenty of space to enjoy nature to the fullest.

The photograph is part of the Scotland posters and is one of our most exclusive photographs from Scotland. The selected images show the nature and landscape as natural and detailed as possible. It’s important that the image appear on an authentic and natural way.

Photographer: Martin Bay


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