In the middle of Denmark is the beautiful Lake-Highland, with its many beautiful lakes and wild forests. Being in the beautiful countryside, where nature dominates, is always a fantastic experience. We have wanted to photograph this part of Denmark and make some interesting posters for a long time. We think we have succeeded, and the result of several weeks of work is now available in the collection of Denmark posters.

The photos show the lakes, woods and hilly natural landscape. As always, it is a question of finding places and motifs which can capture memories and encapsulate atmospheres in a single photograph.

The Posters

On the open moorland at Sejs are two distinctive peaks, Sindbjerg and Stovbjerg. It is a beautiful sight to watch the sunset from one of the two peaks which offer an unobstructed view of the Lake-Highland. The photograph for the poster shows the steep steps up to the top of Stovbjerg. The motif was photographed on a beautiful evening in May, as the sun disappeared behind the lakes and forests. On Stovbjerg you really sense how large the natural area is.

The Lake-Highland is especially known for its many beautiful lakes. We especially remember Lake Almind and our many walks around the lake in all seasons. Cold winters, when ice seals the lake, autumn, when leaves fly around your ears, and the beautiful summers, when swimmers bathe in the lake’s swimming areas. The photograph for the Lake Almind poster was taken in the late evening, when the last visitors had left the lake and everything was quiet.

Another lake near Silkeborg is Ørnsø. A hiking trail was recently laid around the lake. The area is a gem of nature, an exciting nature reserve where you can experience kingfishers’ and otters’ undisturbed lives. The poster of Ørnsø shows a pair of the simple boats bobbing at the end of the lake. The poster is a great example of the beautiful lakes and wild forests in the Danish Lake District.

beautiful lakes and wild forests from Danmark

The forests around Silkeborg contain some of the most wild and natural woodland in Denmark. Vesterskoven contains some truly beautiful natural forest, where ancient trees are allowed to topple over and add life to the woods. It’s a great place to enjoy the tranquillity and fresh air. In the early hours of the day, all other sounds are drowned out by the many birds that sing in the forest. The poster of Vesterskoven shows the old beech trees which have stood untouched for hundreds of years, fallen, and created a breeding ground for new life.

On the other side of Silkeborg is Nordskoven, which borders Silkeborg Langsø and the Gudenåen river. Nordskoven is home to some amazing areas of coniferous forest with winding, tunnel-like trails. Everywhere, you can hear woodpeckers working at the old trees. Apart from thousands of pinecones, the forest floor is bare, and the darkness feels calming and safe. The photograph was taken at the valley floor, where the branches of old trees overhang the path and create shelter in the rain.

Beautiful Lakes and Wild Forests

One of the great natural experiences around Silkeborg is to be found by the beautiful and clean Slåensø lake. We think the lake is at its best quite early in the day, when you can hear all the sounds of nature and the cool air from the lake, as well as the greenness, is bright and sharp. The photographs for the posters were taken just as the lake was revealed by the morning light and mist lay above it. The few hundred metres from the car park can be walked in just a few minutes, but despite this short distance, you quickly begin to feel far away when you stand at the edge of the lake. All the way around the lake you can see something new. It might be anything, from kingfishers flying low over the water to an eagle soaring high above the lake. There is so much nature here that it is best enjoyed from a bench, where you can keep your eyes fixed on the beautiful forest that slopes towards the sky around the lake.

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