Lake Almind

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At Foto Factory, we print our posters on Hahnemühle paper for a durable and natural reproduction of the photograph's colors and shades. The posters come without text to maintain the simple expression. We print posters in Denmark so there is a short way to you.

We frame your posters if you also order frames.

Delivery time 1-3 days in Europe.

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The Lake Almind poster has a photograph showing one of the most beautiful lakes in the Lake-Highland. We remember Lake Almind for our many walks around it in all seasons. Cold winters, when ice seals the lake, autumn, when leaves fly around your ears, and the beautiful summers, when swimmers bathe in the lake's swimming areas.

The photograph from Lake Almind was taken late in the evening when the visitors had left the lake and everything was quiet.

The poster is in the Denmark series, in which Foto Factory focuses on the Danish countryside.

Photographer: Maria Rosendal

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