Foto Factory is launching a series of black and white posters as posters, focusing on the beauty of the simple matter. Foto Factory has been inspired by the Japanese concept Wabi Sabi, which is about appreciating the worn, imperfect and unique. Subjects are all from nature and the simple photos create tranquillity and time for immersion.

Black and white Photo art

The poster line (above) show lines in the sand in the Råbjerg Mile. The photograph was taken a day when the sand fell over the mile and one could sense how the dune move in the landscape. It was a cold and rainy day in October. The wind thrives from the west and it is impossible not to get water and sand on the lens. This is part of creating this photograph.

Black and White Photography

Photographs have been taken over several years from different places in Denmark. We show the distinctive areas and focus on nature in its simplicity. Most posters are from the coasts, but also from Råbjerg Mile to get this phenomenon in the series. In addition, there are posters from Samsø, Bornholm, Læsø and Avernakø. Unlike the Denmark series, black and white photo art is more simple and fits any interior.

The scenic images are improved with quality paper from Hahnemühle is used with a texture for excellent black and white rendering.

Check out the black & white posters in the gallery.