Two new posters from one of Denmark’s most beautiful islands. It has long been a wish to come to Læsø to see the beautiful scenery of the island. We arrived in the middle of February, where we took our camper with the ferry to new land and photographs.

It was 10 amazing days with sunshine, snow and storm. The storm convinced us to stay on the island some extra days! We have now sorted and selected a few of our photographs that have been included in the Denmark series. The poster is with a beautiful photo of the beach and the sea as it can only be experienced on a cold winter day. The sea is cold and quiet, the mist is like a thick duvet. The silence and calmness are what Maria wanted to capture in the photo. We thought that was successful, what do you say?

The next poster is a photograph from Læsø’s large plantation with pine forest that fills most of the island. In the early morning the mist was in the air and it was just before the sun came through. That combination creates a good depth and mood in the photo that is perfect for creating something calm and moody for the living room with our special posters frames. We like the green tones and how they continue to inspire.

Posters Beach

Læsø has much more to offer. Especially the south of the island is really special and the beautiful dunes in the north is also amazing. We thank the island residents for an interesting stay and hope we can come back soon.

Did you know we also made a black & white series with an image from Læsø? Read more with here.

Maria & Martin