Foto Factory has been on tour in Copenhagen. They have managed to capture the mood and the light in a series of Copenhagen posters from some of the city’s secret oases, and green spaces. Anyone who has experienced the Danish capital in the summer will from these photographs instantly remember the ambience which immediately gives an energy boost. The photograph foremost task is to capture places, moments, light and atmosphere.

The Copenhagen-Series immortalise motives as bicycles, water and green birch leaves in such a way that one can almost smell the water, hear the gravel crunch under your feet and feel a welcome summer breeze on the cheek.

Copenhagen posters

The Copenhagen posters consist currently of Lakeside posterBackyard PosterBoat Poster and Bike poster.

Foto Factory would like to show that the city is more than concrete and traffic. Inside, among the growing tangle of new buildings are small oases where you can get the feeling of being in the open, and where the green coincidence rules. It is here that we ourselves seek assistance when we need a break in the city and it is the theme that we work with in this collection.

As is true of all Foto Factory’s motives, it is nature that is the main element and the Copenhagen series is again the exception. For Copenhagen is green and colorful and full of lovely green spaces.

See all the posters here.