Foto Factory’s mission is to promote Denmark’s beautiful nature with Danish nature photography. We travel and live in Denmark and have our cameras pointed at nature to make high quality nature photography available to everyone.

After living four years in Scotland and traveling in Great Britain, it was a big transition to return to the Danish soil and the flat landscape. On a trip to Skagen in the autumn was the starting point of a new photographic collection, the Denmark posters which is a series of high quality nature pictures from Denmark.

Denmark posters

The Denmark series is photography, which sends you on a journey out in Denmarks beautiful and authentic nature! We travel around any corner of Denmark where we visit the small islands and beautiful beaches that are deserted most of the year.

Many countries have a great tradition for photo art and nature photography, but in Denmark it has been difficult to break through and reach the Danish homes. On our many trips to USA and Germany and our stay in Great Britain has given us a lot of experience about capturing, authentic and natural landscapes and making it available to our followers. It’s about the finished product people get in hand. The digital process must go into play with the physical process when images are printed and framed. The posters should inspire you to go our and explore your selves.

Danish Poster

With our Danish photography, we have hit a niche where we reach the many people that want nature inside the living rooms. Many of our customers have a close relationship with nature and want the photograph to be authentic and realistic. However, it is not only in Denmark that our style has become popular. We sell posters to most of the world and ship many posters to the other side of the globe.

We are impressed and proud of our photographs coming to so many people. It is amazing that Denmark’s humble nature can measure with photographs from countries such as the United States, Norway and Scotland.