Foto Factory’s nature pictures from Denmark originate from nature and beautiful landscapes. There are always a low of new nature pictures when we travel around Denmark to find new beautiful places. We visit both popular destinations and places that are far from the main road. It is exciting to drive around in our motorhome finding new and rediscover places to be photographed. There are now so many places we have visited that it becomes difficult to name we remember them all.

The islands are absolutely fantastic and it has been very special to explore new islands like Anholt and Læsø together. It has also been very special to visit Martin’s childhood island Samsø, and Maria’s North Sea at Blokhus. It is always exciting when we go by ferry around the country, whether it is to the small Avernakø, where we will stay a week or the rocky island Bornholm where we will be two weeks. We always start out with a lot of ideas and expectations, which always change along the way. We are dependent on the weather and this often sets the pace for our work. You can take pictures in all kinds of weather, but as a family we need to be organised. As a family we need plenty of time to play with the children.

Nature Pictures

We try to make all nature pictures very special and keep the style in relation to what we want to show the world. It important that we are original an avoid copying others. Foto Factory started in 2010 and were the first in Denmark to photograph the Danish landscape in modern time in a professional manner.

We lived in Scotland for several years, where we learned landscape photography and the culture around nature and landscape photography. We used all our free time photographing and driving to destinations in all directions to experience the amazing nature. Despite none of us having owned a car before, we ended up buying a motorhome. We ended up moving into the car where we lived for six months until we traveled home to Denmark. The choice to come home was due to the fact that we were going to have a child and we thought Denmark would be the best place to start a business around photography on our own terms.

Anholt Posters

It was the start of Foto Factory which we formed during one of our visits to Berlin. We sat in the bed and signed paper and transferred money to add capital in the company. It was an exciting time, with many ideas for what was possible. Shortly after, we had bought a house in Copenhagen with the finest gallery that could be used as an office and packing house. That was the start of our business in Denmark.

Beautiful Landscapes

Coming from the dramatic landscapes of Scotland is was not the easiest starting point as a landscape photographer in Denmark. The nature is completely different and often you have to use a lot of time exploring to find the right place. At the same time, you often have to be very close to the subject to make it really interesting. In addition, light and season must fall into place to give you the perfect picture.

Sometimes we live in the car other times we rent a house. It is very special when we can sleep in the motorhome and photograph in right outside the car door. You are so close to nature all the time. In addition to immersing ourselves in nature, we have met many sweet and exciting people. It has been people telling about places we do not know, stories from the old days or offering refreshments on a long walk.

Mist poster

Our mission with photography is to get our nature pictures out to everyone. It is about making as many people as possible aware of nature. Many people live a life in the cities, and usually only go out into nature on weekends and holidays. We think that is too little. With our photographs you can get Denmark’s finest nature into your home or you can make a statement in the office or conference room. It is only natural that we give back in the form of donations to the Danish Nature Fund. For every order in the webshop, we protect 1m² wild nature in Denmark. We have many completely unique nature areas in Denmark such as the raw nature by the North Sea, pristine forests in central Jutland and beautiful flower meadows on the islands. Many of the wild animals and plants are endangered because their habitats are disappearing. Therefore, we see it as our task to take care of nature, so that everyone has the opportunity to experience magnificent Danish nature.

Denmark Posters

We come home with a lot of nature pictures when we are on a photo trip. Throughout the summer we are out as much as we can. It gives us a bunch of photographs and video to go from camera to computer and on out finished nature pictures. After a few months, hundreds of images need to be sorted, categorized, and corrected for color and light. There are a lot of pictures, so it is a long process before the single pictures end up as nature posters. We are constantly improving our technique and constantly aiming for the images we get in the camera to be as close to the finished result as possible. It’s about authenticity the we want natural colors in the pictures. At the same time, the images must be true to nature and be authentic to what we see when we are out photographing.

Beautiful Lakes and Wild Forests

Colours and paper quality must also match and be corrected to get the the right colours in the final print. We use Hahnemühle paper for our prints and posters. This means that our paper has a matte surface that reproduces the tones and shades of the photograph in a real and natural way. Our posters are lightfast so they do not fade over time. Finally, we can frame our photographs in poster frames tailored to our posters. The simple design of the frames highlights the quality and colors of the photograph. If you order posters and frames together, you will receive the posters framing.