Dueodde beach

Posters are printed on heavy, acid-free paper with a matte surface that reproduces all photographic tones and hues in a true and natural way. The posters are fade resistant, although they are exposed to sunlight.

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Beach poster from Dueodde on Bornholm. Is there anything better than a long walk on a Danish sandy beach? We love it. We have gone to Dueodde to find something that makes this place very special. We move and to the east and let our thoughts drift as the sun goes down on the horizon behind us. Just as the light is finest, we find the beautiful trees that lie at the water's edge. The trunks are worn and have been lying in the water for a long time. They are exotic and form the perfect setting for a photograph. It makes us find the cameras and think about how to capture the magical moment. It has succeeded and we think of that wonderful evening when we see the picture.

The poster is a Denmark poster where Foto Factory inspires you with the Danish nature.

Photographer: Maria Rosendal

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