Natural Forest

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Hos Foto Factory printer vi vores plakater på Hahnemühle papir for en holdbar og naturlig gengivelse af fotografiets farver og nuancer. Plakaterne kommer uden tekst for at bevare det enkle udtryk. Vi printer plakater i Danmark så der er kort vej til dig.

Vi indrammer dine plakater hvis du også bestiller rammer.

Leveringstid 1-3 dage.

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The poster from the natural forest, offers the atmosphere of the beautiful natural forests in Jægerspris. The picture contains so many details and does very well in a large size. The wild forest creates calm on the wall and shows the varying forest.

Nordskoven in Jægerspris is varied and offers great experiences. Denmark's oldest trees grow in the forest and one beautiful forest picture replaces the other. It is especially the protected areas in the forest that attract us. Many visit the forest to find the ancient oaks. Of course we were also passed them all, but was especially thrilled to natural forest that form the motive for this poster.

The photograph for the poster was taken on a long walk around the forest to find the perfect place in the forest to show this breathtaking nature.

The poster is in the Denmark series, in which Foto Factory focuses on the Danish countryside.

Photographer: Martin Bay

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