Posters are printed on heavy, acid-free paper with a matte surface that reproduces all photographic tones and hues in a true and natural way. The posters are fade resistant, although they are exposed to sunlight.

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Rock poster from Liebertsklippen at Shrine Cliffs (Helligdomsklipperne). A photograph from one of those moments where you suddenly spot the contrasts in nature. Right here, the hard and distinctive cliffs shoot up out of the soft and calm water. At the foot of the Shrine Cliffs you can stand and let your thoughts fly and enjoy the deep silence that is only broken by screams from the seagulls resting on the rocks. It is at Liebertsklippen that the boats from Gudhjem harbour when tourists visit Bornholm's Art Museum. We find the place after counting the many steps on the stairs leading down to the water. It is early morning and we're the only ones on site. After a long morning right here, we are as anchored to the place. They all burn out and we long to come back and let our thoughts drift towards the horizon.

The poster is a Denmark poster where Foto Factory inspires you with the Danish nature.

Photographer: Martin Bay

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