At Foto Factory we are two passionate photographers developing our business inspired by nature. We think nature is a gift that never ceases to fascinate and our goal is to inspire you get out and engage with nature. Together we must protect the natural landscape we have outside the door which is free for everyone to enjoy. It is also so important that we pass this on to our children.

Nature is our workplace and it is important to preserve and nurtured nature so we have some lovely places to photograph. With the support of Danish Nature Fund, nature is forever protected and, to me, it is an important investment to keep the globe green.

That is why Foto Factory collaborate with the Danish Nature Fund. I mean that for every order received on Foto Factory we protect 1m² of wild Danish nature, in cooperation with the Danish Natural Fund. In other words, you preserve a square meter of Danish nature when you buying your posters from Foto Factory.

Nature Prints

In Denmark we have many unique natural areas including the North Sea, natural forests, lovely flower meadows and beautiful lakes. Many of the wild animals and plants that used to be common here are threatened today because their habitats are disappearing and getting fragmented. That is why we think it is important to look after nature. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience magnificent Danish nature. Now and in all future.

Protecting Narture

Read more about the Danish Nature Fund here. You also have the opportunity to support their projects directly and protect the nature of Denmark